Regenerativ Water



"Have self-confidence, feel good about yourself. Despite the trials, fears, doubts, at any age to feel strong, beautiful and ready to face the world. My desire to help other women feel in harmony with their bodies"

My story is authentic. Passionate about sport, nature and well-being, for ten years I have tested for long months and then long years each molecule to verify their effectiveness.

The discovery of hyaluronic acid and collagen as a dietary supplement was a very effective, easy and natural change in my beauty routine.


As a child, at 2 years old I miraculously came out alive from an accident in which I smashed through the front windshield of a car.

The result: a big mark on my left cheek that followed me all my life.

I consulted dozens of doctors to try to erase the scar that spread all over my cheek but despite multiple « miracle » solutions such as: healing patches, magic bandages, massages, oils, serums and creams nothing was effective … ⁠

Only through the consumption of collagen for the healing associated with the laser had a positive effect. ⁠This ordeal was a real awareness of learning every day to preserve my youthfulness and care for my skin.

By reading scientific articles on wound healing, I discovered the power of collagen for skin regeneration.

⁠Unlike creams that touch the superficial part of the dermis,

I understood that thanks to the fact of absorbing liquid molecules we act in depth from the inside…

The fight against disease

When I was 13 my mum was suddenly stricken with an orphan, rare and incurable disease: scleroderma.

In the absence of effective treatment, it was the beginning of a descent into hell because she had to undergo numerous dialyses in the hospital and then every night at home with her stomach plugged into a noisy machine.

As a little girl, I did not understand that no one could cure her disease.

The doctors at that time explained that the scleroderma in this case was causing a collagen deficit in his body which resulted in the gradual destruction of his vital organs… So I started looking everywhere for what collagen was and how it is could manage to get it.

Naively I thought that if I found a medicine based on collagen my mom could be cured.

Scleroderma was then characterized by damage to the blood vessels which caused insufficient healing of the various organs due to the lack of collagen. Lesions in the kidneys which are vital, leading to the death (apoptosis) of cells and therefore organs. Scleroderma caused the death of both of my mom’s kidneys. The only solution for her to survive was for her to benefit from a transplant, but there was a very long waiting list of at least 3 years..

Then several years later myself I was the victim of two TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) or cerebral attack called « mini-stroke » during which I lost the space of a few minutes the use of speech and the ability to write, my brain no longer functioned properly…

synergy between nature and science

All this reinforced my awareness that health is cultivated with care.

Having also grown up all my life between France and Thailand where I was educated as a child.

I immersed myself in Asian beauty tips that for many years have been consuming food supplements.

Not far away, South Korea and Japan are world experts in the art of aging well thanks to their cutting-edge research, synergy between science and nature. Their knowledge and discoveries shine on Thailand. So as a teenager I discovered the secrets of beauty thanks to natural herbal remedies, derived from Chinese, Japanese, Korean medicine.

In Asia, my girlfriends, pretty Thai women with long hair, strong nails and always plump skin, consumed a lot of collagen in their diet, also as a food supplement…

They were lucky to age well unlike us in Europe. They explained to me that all the difference is in the diet and their naturopathic tips.

They drew their beauty secrets from nature through food.

Their food was mostly fruits and vegetables that provided all the vitamins needed by the body.

I learned the power of the powers of nature through natural medicine.

The ancestral culture of well-being and beauty from within that acts at the heart of the cells.

The benefits of vitamins, proteins, amino acids from fruits and plants.

The medicinal diet that regenerates in depth and acts for the proper functioning of the body from the inside..



was born from a set of pieces of my heart:

the passion for food supplements, the care of one’s health, the practice of sport for a real need for anti-aging effectiveness on the skin that I did not find in creams.

I was convinced that the way of life, the way of eating can slow down the effects of time and « age better ».

Take care of yourself every day with food.

In this process of preserving youth capital to keep the « freshness » of our 20s for as long as possible, to have smooth and plump skin without injections and bites.

I studied and understood the mechanisms of aging to age well thanks to nature and its way of life.

One of them is the maintenance of the cellular matrix of the dermis of the skin thanks to vegetable hyaluronic acid and marine collagen.

In 2014 I had found my ultimate dream:

Create REGENERATIV 🇨🇭 the ultimate beauty water and subsequently truly innovative, effective food supplements to always help to « age better », to care for, to preserve your skin on a daily basis without lies or marketing masquerades.

1 year later I contacted the best team of French microbiologists and asked them to start this adventure with me to slow down cellular aging.

The REGENERATIV formula🇨🇭

To create REGENERATIV 🇨🇭, the Technological Resource Center team researched the perfect formula for 4 years.

The lab located in the Normand health safety center at the service of agri-food innovation for more than 30 years has all the credibility and know-how sought.

The French research laboratory has the « Normandy Technological Resource Center » label granted by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, technological halls allowing research and development, of first-class anti-aging innovations, Recognized for its undeniable quality of formulation. This quality label guarantees that we are able to provide effective and quality answers thanks to a team of passionate female biologists.

Thanks to our team of biologists the answer (with sport) to significantly slow down aging was born:

Pure water enriched with minerals and trace elements, containing marine collagen and vegetable hyaluronic acid from Bio-fermentation.

The researchers have chosen the best of nature through scientifically proven molecules with the objective of offering high quality ingredients as well as visible results after a short time of use.


A detoxifying water from the Swiss mountains and glaciers that daily preserves youthfulness, fills in wrinkles and slows down aging throughout the body.

Many prestigious universities like Harvard come to validate the scientific evidence of collagen. These universities remain pioneers in learning and innovation because they have maintained a reputation for excellence in collagen thanks in particular to studies published in the scientific journal « Nature » which demonstrate the benefits of oral collagen.